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The Definitive Birthsigns Pack

Personal Project by Matt and Tyson Anderson

Game Designer, Writer, Scripter

Honors and Accolades:
• 40,000+ downloads on Planet Elder Scrolls
• 9.61 aggregate rating on Planet Elder Scrolls
• Mod Hall of Fame, Gamespy

Mod for The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

Modding various titles in The Elder Scrolls series has always been a hobby of mine, even hacking into the older Arena and Daggerfall titles before official Construction Kit editing tools from Bethesda existed. Morrowind, the third title in the series, offered an incredibly distinct fantasy vision to explore, but as per usual, I felt certain mechanics could be improved or expanded upon, and it wasn’t long before my brother and I started tampering with them. One mechanic I knew could be far more inventive in terms of its impact on gameplay was the birthsigns system.

Birthsigns seemed to be designed with the intent of creating character diversity in play style, but ultimately fell flat as they provided only numeric attribute buffs or powers that obsolesced over the course of the game. I believed that birthsigns should open new strategic opportunities to a player character, not just a numeric enhancement. The Definitive Birthsigns Pack offers 30 new birthsigns that offer a wide variety of new gameplay styles to a new character.

Preserving the lore and original feel of Morrowind was critical to us during the creation of the mod. While we wanted to improve upon the gameplay in Morrowind, it was equally important to us to preserve suspension of disbelief while doing so. As such, we created art assets for all the birthsigns that closely matched those of the originals, and expanded a book in the game “The Firmament” to over 40 pages, providing new lore and background for all of the signs we added, very much in line with Bethesda’s original work.

The Definitive Birthsigns Pack is widely hailed as a “necessary” and “must have” modification to Morrowind, and is the most downloaded mod focused on the birthsigns part of the Morrowind play experience.

Available Here at Planet Elder Scrolls

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