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Street Feet

Cobalt Flux Inc.

Producer and Game Designer

Honors and Accolades:
• Featured in Gopher, Sport Time, Palos, and Flaghouse Catalogs
• Nomination Best Commercial Exergame 2010, Exergame Network Awards

Game for Cobalt Flux Blu-OS

Street Feet was made as the launch title for the Cobalt Flux BluFit, a large institutional gaming system designed for use in schools, YMCAs, physical rehabilitation centers, and public gyms. As a dance based game, mechanics were similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, and In the Groove, but with vastly expanded functionality to fit the target application. Support for up to 64 players in one game was possible with wi-fi linked BluFit systems, and the game housed a wide variety of songs and difficulties for every demographic from young children to the elderly.


BluFit Setup One

We saw fantastic success with product both as a tool for health and as a game. Pulling users along with engaging gameplay, continued use was shown to decrease body weight and lower fasting blood sugar levels. One of our primary concerns with Street Feet was gathering metrics useful to both users and educators, and then presenting that data in aggregate form. As such, the entire BluFit system had a supporting website through which metrics were tracked for users logging into the system. Extensive design work was done for supporting all of the step charts, selecting songs, and creating compelling competitive and cooperative modes for the large number of simultaneous players it supported.

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