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Malifaux: Storm of Shadows

Wyrd Miniatures


The third Malifaux expansion, Storm of Shadows sees a host of new characters introduced – including a whole new faction, the Ten Thunders – a sinister clan who have risen from the shadows, seeking to further their influence and re-establish themselves as the dominant power in Malifaux.

Writing Sample:
“Few things are as powerful as a whisper. It is always fascinating to me to watch the face when I deliver a whisper – to see a flush of red in the cheeks in anticipation of pleasure, or the sweat on a brow in anticipation of pain. A whisper can drive the unwitting at each others’ throats, both in lust, and in hate. I’ve heard whispers kill more assuredly than a blade, and whispers that bind more assuredly than chains. Many come to this horrible place in search of Soulstone, but we understand that whispers are the true currency here.

“You see, we are the masters of whispers. We gather them, ferry them, shape them, and invent them. We coax them forth from our all-too-willing clients, under the influence of drink, in the gentle caress of ecstasy, or occasionally under less cordial terms. We capture them between moments, and pluck them from the small inches between conspirators, unraveling them like a ball of string.

“Even the power of the most innocuous pillow talk cannot be fathomed until woven into a larger web of whispers. Every whisper in Malifaux is an individual thread in a tapestry of fate that only few have seen in total, and fewer understand – a truth beneath the truth. The most influential forces in Malifaux only comprehend small glimpses of that picture at a time. Their practice of the art is imperfect – they let whispers slip through their fingers like water. When one truly controls the flow of whispers in Malifaux, they can be manipulated like a fine instrument, creating any end one desires. For those of us that know this, we are ferocious in protecting our whispers. For as easily as they are manipulated, they are just as easily made worthless. A whisper in the open loses its power – it evaporates into the aether.

“Most would not understand that Malifaux is fueled by whispers. Those with trained ears and eyes know that whispers are the lifeblood of this place, and all can be bent beneath their will. Why battle in the streets when a passing word will do the same? Why work for Soulstone when twisting someone around your finger will bring it to you?

“Even though we have only spent this one short evening together, I felt it was safe to share that with you. It is for these reasons that you must tell me what you know, for I want the power of your whispers. I am going to use them to enslave you, and to control those around you, and I will make you beg to give them to me, one way or another.” – Ten Thunders Oiran

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