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The Dada Factory

Producer and Co-writer

Honors and Accolades:
• Winner 2009, “Best Film,” Salt Lake City 48 Hour Film Competition
• Winner 2009, “Best Use of Line,” Salt Lake City 48 Hour Film Competition
• National Competition Invitational 2010, NAB Show, 48 Hour Film Competition


The entirety of Halcyon was written, planned, staged, shot, and edited in one 48 hour period for the Salt Lake City 48 Hour Film Festival. For those who have not participated in the festival, performing well represents the utmost discipline for working creatively and efficiently under pressure. On Friday night, you are assigned a genre you must adhere to (in our case, Science Fiction,) a line you must use (“Woah, I didn’t see that coming,” which we graffitied onto a brick wall,) and a character you must include (for Halcyon, a roommate.) In relation to most films produced for the competition, Halcyon is incredibly ambitious, being shot at eight or nine locations, four of which involved extensive lighting setups, and one scene being shot night for day. The production of Halcyon proved to be a whirlwind of frenetic activity — 48 hours of non-stop improvisation, invention, and coordination. Suffice to say, nobody got more than a few hours of sleep.

My role on Halcyon was as co-writer (along with director Al Johnstone and actor Shane Smith,) and as producer. Writing Halcyon was a pleasure, as all of us were in love with the post-apocalyptic aesthetics we ended up using to craft the story. As producer, I coordinated set teams, props management, set construction, grip and lighting, talent, and craft services to keep the extensive operation running smoothly for the entirety of production. A total of 48 teams participated in Salt Lake City, ranging from a small two man crew to massive teams of industry professionals. The Dada Factory went on to beat out the other 36 teams that finished in time to win both “Best Film,” and “Best Use of Line.”

You can view Halcyon in its entirety here:

Halcyon from Dada Factory on Vimeo.

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