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Cobalt Flux Inc.

Position: Co-founder and Managing Director

Years of Operation: 2002 – 2010

Employees: 15

Cobalt Flux Inc. specialized in creating games and hardware for physical education and rehabilitation, and Cobalt Flux products are used in tens of thousands of professional and public institutions both nationally and internationally. Cobalt Flux products have been featured in the New York Times, Wired Magazine, and on Good Morning America, and have been the core component of prestigious studies such as the West Virginia Obesity Study, which placed Cobalt Flux platforms in every public K-12 school state wide.

Core Products:
Cobalt Flux Residential Platform
Cobalt Flux School Platform and System
Cobalt Flux Arcade 2 Platform and System
Cobalt Flux Arcade 6 EX Platform and System
Cobalt Flux BluFit System
Cobalt Flux Pulse and Pulse Doubles Systems
Cobalt Flux Practice Pads
Cobalt Flux Dark Ops Wii Gun
Cobalt Flux Hand Dance Pro
Cobalt Flux Curriculum K-12
Cobalt Flux Vault
Cobalt Flux Axis Cart

Software Titles:
2009 – Street Feet
2009 – Minecart
2009 – Fleet Feet
2010 – BluMatter


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