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Catball Eats it All

Broken Compass Studios

Creative Director

Honors and Accolades:
• 4.5 iTunes App Store average rating, 500+ votes
• Three Apple “Staff Favorites” features, Christmas 2011, April 2012, May 2012
• Top 30 Paid Apps, Puzzle Games
• Kotaku’s App of the Day Feature
• Grand Opening Exhibit, Leonardo Museum, Salt Lake City
• Nomination, Best Casual Physics Game of the Year,
• Nomination, Best Casual Game of the Year 2011,
• 15 Highly Addictive Mobile Games, Virgin Mobile Live
• Successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign

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Catball Eats it All by Broken Compass Studios was an incredibly rewarding project to work on, because it was very much a “your imagination is the limit” game. The entire team fell in love with the concept immediately, and we quickly coalesced around a shared passion for this weird little character and his surreal world, all beautifully presented by the Philadelphia artist NoseGo (Yis Goodwin.) In fact, a good deal of impetus behind the project was simply wanting to make a playable piece of contemporary art. Everything visual in the game is a hand painted work of art (in some cases in the form of large wall murals.) Our only self-applied restriction during brainstorming and pre-production was to ensure the gameplay widely accessible to the casual gamer — difficult to master, but easy to understand.

Catball Gameplay from Broken Compass Studios on Vimeo.


As this was a small team project with only six core members, we all needed to be flexible in our roles. This is an atmosphere I thrive in, and as creative director I found myself in many levels of production I wouldn’t normally be in, which was incredibly enlightening. Some of my work included designing the mechanics and levels, implementing and designing the user interface, coordinating communication between art and tech, digital manipulation of art assets, and managing the feature set through agile processes. In many ways, I wore hats as creative director, project manager, technical artist, and programmer at different points during development.

How “Catball Eats It All” Is Made from Broken Compass Studios on Vimeo.


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