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About Me

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About Me

Matthew Anderson is a producer at Wyrd Miniatures, a creative director and co-founder of Broken Compass Studios, and a co-founder of Cobalt Flux, Inc. He has done extensive work to promote and establish video games as a viable tool in physical education and physical therapy, and has co-developed hardware and software utilized by thousands of schools nationally and internationally. Products originated at Cobalt Flux, Inc. have been featured in Wired magazine, PSM magazine, the New York Times, and have been the core component of numerous studies.

Recently, he worked as creative director on the iOs title Catball Eats it All by Broken Compass Studios, which has been featured three separate times as an Apple “Staff Favorite” on the front page of the App Store. Under Wyrd Miniatures, he co-designed and conducted the kickstarter campaign for Evil Baby Orphanage, which funded at 1975% of its intended goal. Matt holds an MFA in Entertainment Arts and Engineering from the University of Utah.