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2012 October

Erie Reactions Mash-Up

My friend and Level Designer on Team Fear, Chris Diller, has put together a mash-up video of some of the best YouTube reactions to the monster in Erie. Hilarity ensues:


Incredible Success for our Horror Game, Erie

Wow. Erie has seen 750,000 hits on this YouTube Let’s Play by Pewdiepie. Erie is a smash success! Our strategy of going for the quick, raw thrill of being hunted has worked wonders, and now there are volumes of screams on YouTube in the form of over a hundred response and reaction videos. My personal favorite: (NSFW)

We knew the game would inflict terror, but we never anticipated inducing -that- much terror. Now on to honing what we’ve learned even further.

Erie Makes a Splash

A game I pitched and designed during my MFA Thesis, a short horror title named Erie, was released on the indie publishing service Desura three days ago. Even though it is scarcely finished, and very rough around the edges, it has held the number one most popular spot on the service since.

It’s also garnered mentions on PCGamer and Rock Paper Shotgun, and has received a full play-through by the Youtube sensation PewDiePie. Hilarity ensues.

Check out the fantastic two-part “Let’s Play!” bit below, and check out Erie for yourself here on Desura.


PewDiePie Erie “Let’s Play” Pt. 1:


PewDiePie Erie “Let’s Play” Pt. 2: