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2011 February

Forever Hunted Hunts Along

     The past month of work on Forever Hunted has been revealing in a few ways. Launching into the SCRUM production process without any proper pre-production period caused a lot of issues, as it always does. Invariably we ended up going through pre-production regardless, although in a very stilted, confusing manner. First playable is just appearing this week — I’m absolutely stoked to finally get to play with the thing, schedule feedback sessions, and start tweaking away.

As lead designer, I’ve pretty much self-defined my role to just defining game play and making sure the end product is fun. The SCRUM process doesn’t allow for a whole ton of creative oversight, but I’m giving input to art and tech for elements that are experientially significant. I’m also doing my best to step off making sure things get done, although it’s an impulse to. Feel like we are behind, but as long as we get to first playable this week, I can really get to work.

I’ve also been assigned a task to put together a rough white-box level design in the UDK. I have no UDK knowledge as of yet, but I’m excited to jump in and start messing with it. Have two days to get a rough geometry maze up and running. Going to be a beast of a task to both learn the software and design the level, but I’m up for it.